Fifteen truths about myself:

  1. I love Berlin because you can find the best falafel ever in Kreuzberg for only €3.
  2. My favourite poem is Bitch by Carolyn Kizer.
  3. When I was five, I wanted to become a nun.
  4. I write songs about former crushes.
  5. Meryl Streep always makes me cry.
  6. When I hate the world, I read Chuck Palahniuk.
  7. I think Morrissey must be the funniest guy ever.
  8. Eve Ensler is my hero.
  9. I love indie films, like Before Sunrise and  Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei.
  10. I also write songs about current crushes.
  11. The Meller caramel chocolate chews taste like my childhood.
  12. I play the ukulele, the guitar and the piano.
  13. I want to hike the El Camino Trail.
  14. I have attempted learning Swahili an indefinite amount of times.
  15. Counterculture both fascinates and confuses me at the same time.